Sep 21, 2014 - In Memorium

Like lost friends, I’d like to enumerate (from memory) the fondest of my posts over the past 10 years! This is because of my devastating loss!

  1. Angular EE - Angular from a Different Angle. This was, by far my most visited and commented on post! I doubt I will ever be able to reproduce it but the main focus of this post was trying to apply server side robustness on the more loosey-goosey client side development. The corresponding work that prompted this post can be seen here and here.
  2. Black box testing in Legacy applications: This post talked about how to use the maven-nddbunit plugin to test legacy application by testing the result of datasets generated via the plugin and tested using Spring’s Testing Framework and Transactional support. This is being used by several developers
  3. White-Box testing using Mocks: This post talked about how white box testing and mocking results in modular code. It gave examples of using PowerMock, Mockito and drwew out the distinction between spies and mocks.
  4. Object Oriented Programming vs Functional Programming : How Object Oriented Programing is used where the domain is ever changing (like business objects) and how Functional Programming is meant for a low number of domain objects to model (like scientific apps or databases).
  5. Rails vs Grails : This was an extremely popular post that described the differences in approach for Rails and Grails developers. My and my commenters conclusion was that Rails is web-centric whereas Grails is domain centric. Since domains are typically persisted on the server, by extension, Grails becomes server centric!
  6. GWT based posts that talk about domain models being used in the client (javascript) but they are > 4 years old. …

Sep 17, 2014 - Losing a part of me


It was a sad day in 2014:

On that one fateful click on an email to my ISP on a summer night in Aug of 2014, I wiped out 8 years of my cyber-existence! What can I say… I made a wrong turn.

And here I am now… picking up the pieces… trying to get a foothold in this vast cosmos: